In San Francisco a decade ago, CMYK editor Curtis Clarkson (then a copywriter) was starting a magazine with art director Genevieve Astrelli. They wanted to create a publication that was not only a primer for recent art and design grads, but could also serve as a resource for said students to showcase their newfound talents in a way that would attract the imperious eyes of those who controlled their fates.

In the final hours of this writer’s education, “I got into CMYK.” was the hallowed, solemn oath uttered just before a friend would disappear forever. We’d watch at the portfolio review as they were swarmed upon by slick NYC recruiters, look longingly as they were packed into a rental car to go to lunch. Getting into CMYK meant they were going places. Places far away from us.

33 issues later, CMYK has published 3,000 pieces of grad work. They’re probably responsible for 2,999 of those people getting their first jobs. And for that, CMYK, we heart U.