CMOs Have Social Budgets, No Social Experience

Despite billions of dollars in social media marketing spending, most head marketers have little social experience of their own, SeekOmega has found.

Out of 143 Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Communication Officers in companies in the Fortune 100, only 15 have Twitter accounts. Twenty one had absolutely no social presence.

“If the Fortune 100 are any indication, the investment in Social is being led by a group of people that have remarkably little personal experience in Social Media and Social Networks,” says SeekOmega.

However, a few companies, SeekOmega notes, really get it.

The blog awarded platinum honors to Phillip Schiller, SVP of worldwide product marketing at Apple; Nikesh Arora, SVP and chief business officer at Google; Beth Comstock, CMO at GE; Bill Wohl, CCO at HP; and Marc Pritchard, global marketing officer and brand building officer of Procter & Gamble.

Dell, Best Buy, Disney, and more took Gold honors, while Cisco, Safeway, and Verizon’s CMOs were among the silver winners.

Really, though, SeekOmega has an excellent point. Shouldn’t the person in charge of social media marketing spending understand a little bit about how to spend that money?