Clueless About Health Care Changes? New Survey Shows You’re Not Alone

If you’re in the dark about new changes to health care, you’re not alone.

Per a piece on Fortune, when Aflac conducted its annual open enrollment survey this year, 70 percent (yes, you read that right — 70!) hadn’t heard anything about how their health benefits will be impacted. Plus, merely nine percent of employers reported they were ready to make changes per the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Here’s an explanation, as per the piece: An Aflac vice president indicated details keep evolving and new information comes “out of Washington and the state exchanges all the time.” Therefore, employers pause because changes keep taking place.And then there’s potential bad news. Some employer benefit plans may not provide the same level of coverage as they previously did so they may hesitate to share the negative news. The survey pointed out 69 percent of employers believe the Affordable Care Act will boost their employees’ out-of-pocket amounts.

There could be some good news, too. Others may hesitate because changes may not impact their employees all that much so in essence, no news is good news.

Essentially, the law requires companies to provide “affordable” coverage to all of its employees — check that, its full-time employees. Sounds simple enough, right? Apparently the definition of an FTE is someone who works 30 hours each week or more and it gets complex per its lengthy, convoluted formula.