A Match Made in Tabloid Heaven

Closer magazine gives new meaning to the term tree hugger.

If a woman has sex with a tree in the tabloids, does the media hear it? Actually, the good news is that only a few American outlets have paid attention to a recent story in the UK edition of Closer magazine suggesting that unlucky-in-human-love 31-year-old Emma McCabe is now having weekly trysts with a poplar fellow she likes to call “Tim.”

Yesterday, Cosmopolitan sex and relationships editor Lane Moore put out an urgent call for McCabe to get in touch. Today, on Fox 411’s Four4Four, the Closer item was lead topic of discussion:

The Closer cover line for the McCabe item reads: ‘I have sex every week with my tree – his bark turns me on.’ Inside, the print edition article keeps right on going at the rate of about a-pun-a-sentence:

Growing up, Emma loved the outdoors, but it wasn’t until adulthood that she realized how deep-rooted her feelings toward trees were.

Commenters at the foxnews.com and cosmopolitan.com ends are having an equally fun time with the pun possibilities. Extra FishbowlNY points to the first person who mentions “Greenpiece.”