Click Bait: Chicken In The Sky With Diamonds?

Remember that episode of “Friends” when Joey’s duck ate Ross’s grandmother’s engagement ring?

Well, that actually, really happened in Berkshire, England recently, to 38-year-old Claire Lennon.  Lennon’s pet chicken, Sarah, nipped a diamond earring off Claire’s ear and swallowed it whole.  HuffPost’s article detailing the tragic, traumatic event was posted yesterday, along with a detailed X-ray photo taken of the chicken and his diamond studded innards. The story comes complete with a slideshow of rather odd X-rays that force this intern to scratch his head and contemplate new Halloween costume ideas for this coming fall.

The bad news to surface from this story, though, is that the poor Lennons won’t be able to get the earring back until Sarah (the wacky chicken) croaks.  Until then, Claire will just have to pierce her belly button, so as to not let the remaining diamond earring go to waste.