Classing Up the Look of 30,000 Feet

Call us snobs, but we don’t really like flying on airlines like Southwest. Granted, this writer doesn’t enjoy flying in general, but with if we have to get up there in the air, we’d much prefer quiet professionalism than feeling like we’re on a bus headed toward summer camp. Even better would be if we reverted back to the days when air travel was a little more special, exciting, and cultured. Well, we may have found our perfect airline. To start flying next month, Porter Airlines, a Canadian start-up, is trying to bring back the class air travel, by first hiring Kimberley Newport-Mimran to design fashionable crew outfits. They look terrific and we were immediately sold. Here’s some:

Porter’s sleek navy dresses, three button suits, pencil skirts and white cotton shirts have been designed by Kimberley Newport-Mimran, whose Pink Tartan brand is a favourite Canadian label known for high quality, contemporary classics.

Tyler Brule, the Canadian-born head of London-based Winkreative advertising agency, drafted the initial concept for the uniforms and Newport-Mimran added her signatures.

“I wanted a look that related back to the days when airline travel was glamourous,” Newport-Mimran explained, amid blown-up images of Coco Chanel and Jackie Kennedy emerging from airplanes in suits, pearls and high heels.