Cisco: 50% of Employees Access Social Media Sites on Work Time

A new study shows that employees accessing social networks at work spend WAY too much time herding sheep and growing corn on the game Farmville.

In a report conducted by Cisco, it found that 50 percent of employees access social media sites during the workday, even if there are policies against doing so. In fact, 27 percent actually reconfigure their machines to assure they can access the sites without getting caught. Talk about a strong desire to make sure you can accept that new friend request.
But, maybe most amazingly, of the 7 percent of employees that access Facebook to play Farmville during the workday, do so for an incredible 68 minutes. The online game that allows users to build their own farms (admittedly, I don’t play and can’t grasp the appeal) could cause security leaks, as can other social media tools – at least that’s the opinion of Cisco.
More importantly, this shows companies should have social media rules that allow them to access the tools. Obviously, employees do it anyway, and if you can predict it, then you can protect against security leaks. As for the Farmville phenomenon, clearly the employees need more work to do.