Circa Editor Pledges to Responsibly Cover Mass Shootings

CircaLogoAs is so often the case these days, another thought-provoking bit of inside-journalism musing has been shared on Medium. The author is Circa contributing editor Evan Buxbaum; the topic: how to responsibly cover mass shootings.

Buxbaum outlines how everyone at three-year-old Circa is committed, as quickly as news-cycle possible, to covering the victims rather than the shooter(s):

After the facts are established about the event, Circa is going to focus on the victims. We’re going to shine the light on the heroes that save and comfort lives, not the disturbed people who take them.

We want to inform our users about the response of communities, both at the immediate level where a tragedy takes place and any larger themes that emerge.

Buxbaum points to recent shootings in Nevada and Oregon as examples of this Circa approach. FishbowlNY applauds Buxbaum and his colleagues for sharing this pledge.

[H/T: Beth Andrix Monaghan]