CineSport, Sports Video Provider to New York Post, Expands

CineSport is not a name most people are aware of. But you’ve likely seen their product. CineSport is the nation’s number one online syndicator of sports video. In New York, the work of CineSport is seen on the New York Post website. Prior to combining CBS resources onto one Internet clearing house, 1010 WINS and WFAN incorporated the videos on their sites.

Those sports videos are tailored to the specific websites and their visitors. Among CineSport’s other “clients” includes the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune.

Now CineSport, based in New York, is expanding into entertainment and gossip news. CineStars will offer up-to-the-minute perspective on stories with national and local appeal. In addition, CineStars will provide celebrity interviews, movie and music reviews from established critics, and a first look at the big entertainment news of the day.

“Our goal is with CineStars is to deliver the most compelling national and local entertainment programming on a platform that easily integrates into a site’s editorial and tech infrastructure,” said CineSport CEO Gregg Winik. “In addition, our history of monetizing online video makes CineStars a must have product.”

The New York Post is one of the charter partners accepting the new daily product.