Reporter Double-Checks Story Ahead of Cindy Crawford Interview

The Northwestern University anecdote was news to the supermodel.

Occasionally, a lede writes itself.

As a freshman at Northwestern University, Carina Chocano was told by a female friend that after the latter’s sister had joked before heading to the same university that she hoped she didn’t end up with a “Vogue model as a roomate,” she wound up being paired with Cindy Crawford. From the top of Chocano’s profile for the February issue of United Airlines in-flight magazine Rhapsody:

By the time I heard the story, two years later, Crawford had dropped out of Northwestern, moved to New York, and become so famous that the story took on the quality of a cosmic practical joke… It was so perfect, in fact, that as I was getting ready to meet Crawford, I wondered if maybe it was apocryphal. So I messaged my friend, and she confirmed with an exclamation point.

Crawford – who is slighter and seems more circumspect in person than in the power photos that made her famous – is delighted when I relay the story to her (she remembers the roommate, but had never before heard the anecdote) over coffee on the patio at Café Habana, her husband Rande Gerber’s Malibu restaurant.

The Rhpasody cover story by Chocano, a former L.A. Times TV and film critic, made waves Monday when other article quotes were misinterpreted as confirming Crawford’s retirement from modeling. But the famous Northwestern roommate has since clarified that she has not made any such decision.

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