Cindy Adams ‘Humanizes’ Leona

Cindy Adams is loyal, to be sure. But her choice of friends to stand behind in times of adversity is odd, to say the least. Take, for example: Imelda Marcos. While poverty soared under the dictatorship of her corrupt husband Ferdinand, the former Philippine First Lady hoarded hundreds of pairs of shoes and priceless jewelry. But Cindy was there for her, manning the forts on this side of the Pacific.

There was that odd friendship with Dewi Sukarno, the widow of the deeply-flawed former Indonesian strongman. And one cannot forget Cindy and her positively weird association with the astonishingly corrupt Shah of Iran.

So it is probably no surprise, considering those fellow travelers, that Cindy finds herself in difficult position of humanizing Leona Helmsley. Adams “humanizes” Helmsley in the Post:

”Leona remembered I knew the former First Lady of the Philippines and asked how’s Imelda Marcos doing. I joked, ‘Oh, Imelda’s suffering a form of Alzheimer’s. Seems she can’t remember where she put $800 million.’

”A pause. Then in that familiar strident voice: ‘Only $800 million? I’ve got more.”’

Cue to Cindy Adams swooning.