Christopher Nolan to Guest Edit Wired

Christopher Nolan, most well known as the man who brought Bane — and thus the Bane voice you won’t stop using with coworkers — to the big screen with his Batman trilogy, is the new guest editor of Wired.

According to Wired’s editor Scott Dadich [pictured next to Nolan, who is explaining that peace has cost Wired its strength; victory has defeated it] the issue will carry themes from Nolan’s films as well as “Time, Space and Multiple Dimensions.”

In typical Nolan fashion, the December Wired will be completely different than most issues. Instead of shorter articles in the front of the book and longer features in the back, Nolan has organized the issue around five dimensions. Each section will be more complex than the previous one.

“We wanted something that would reward scrutiny and attention to detail,” explained Dadich. “We wanted something readers would want to come back to again and again, the way that we all love to go back and study his films.”

The Nolan edited Wired hits newsstands November 25.

[Image: Dan Winters/Wired]

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