Chris Hayes Wants To Remind You: He’s A Writer, Godammit (And Don’t Forget it)

The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes (We sometimes like to refer to him affectionately as “Hazy”) is a writer. And we mean a writer‘s writer. Who cares if his tweets commonly focus on which MSNBC host he’s filling in for this time? And why does it matter if he speaks with a Thesaurus-like vocab that sometimes makes it rough to understand what he’s saying? Hazy wants you to know about his writing and all the habits that go along with it.

Here are seven tweets within the past four weeks:

1. I owe at least 90% of my writing productivity to caffeine and Girl Talk.

2. Supposed to be writing but can’t….turn….away….

3. Book manuscript due six months from today. #actIII #beardown

4. For someone who’s been a journalist for 10 years, I’m always struck by how bad I am at just walking up to people and initiating an interview.

5. Yessir! RT @mattyglesias: Long form writing is hard! (This one is so cute. He retweets his fellow Boy Band friend...)

6. Attention media: I’ll be publishing an anonymous book in 2012. Please feel free to speculate wildly abt authorship & cover exhaustively. (We will Hazy!)

7. Entering early evening routine of editing scripts to Girl Talk.