Chris Hardwick Does the Creative Arts Emmys Right

@Midnight host won the hearts of Academy voters and... girlfriend Lydia Hearst.

There was no better old media-new media moment over the weekend than the photo shared by Chris Hardwick of the engagement ring he presented at the Creative Arts Emmys to girlfriend Lydia Hearst. The sparkly stunner was posted on Instagram, but the ring itself dates back to the days when folks turned to the front pages of papers like the San Francisco Examiner for such high society news.


The pictured ring once belonged to Catherine Campbell Hearst, Lydia’s grandmother. She was the first wife of Randolph Appleton Hearst, the oldest son of William Randolph, who for many years oversaw the Examiner. In a modern sense, the ring crowning Lydia’s finger, which mom Patty Hearst kindly allowed Hardwick to make use of, is – as the kids today like to say – the ultimate #TBT.

Catherine Campbell Wood, of Atlanta, married Hearst in 1938. But frankly my dears, that doesn’t matter nearly as much today as the fact that Hardwick’s Instagram post has raced past 54,000 likes and 3,000 user comments.

Next to Ryan Seacrest, Hardwick is the hardest-working man in West Coast, post-print era show business. The Nerdist founder and @Midnight host is also someone who almost certainly will never find himself one day, in his old age, sitting alone in a seaside mega-manse, mournfully muttering to himself: “The Creative Emmys, bud.”

Hardwick’s Comedy Central show @Midnight won in the Creative Arts category Social TV Experience, sharing this year in that honor with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.