Chirlane McCray Accuses NY Post of Printing Lies

chirlane3n-3-webWhen The New York Post does something you don’t agree with, The New York Daily News is all ears. Chirlane McCray, wife of Mayor Bill De Blasio, took advantage of that and penned an op-ed in the Daily News that blasts the Post for a cover story she says was full of lies.

McCray’s anger is toward the Post’s article that featured sources claiming that she slammed NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton. McCray denied the attack ever happened and that she is a staunch supporter of Bratton. “The only effective defense against lies is the truth, so here it is: I admire Commissioner Bratton and the work he is doing,” wrote MCray.

“This truth was nowhere to be seen in today’s article…. how do these lies make it through the editorial process and end up in a major newspaper?” McCray added. “How do opinions leak out of the ‘Editorials’ section and onto the front page?” Evidently she’s never read the Post before.