Chief Investigative Reporter for Daily Beast Suspended for Plagiarism

This got caught in a classic Friday news dump because we missed the first article by Jack Shafer at interviewing chief investigative reporter for Daily Beast Gerald Posner about lifting sentences from the Miami Herald. Read the piece here. In that article it was reported that Posner will continue to write for the Daily Beast.

But then Slate readers caught more instances of copying without attribution from Texas Lawyer, cementing that Slate readers are all nerds. Look at the examples of the plagiarism here.

And today Shafer posted this note from editor Edward Felsenthal:

Asked for a comment about the new findings, the Daily Beast’s Felsenthal e-mailed this statement: “We obviously take what’s happened very seriously. We will be suspending Gerald Posner while we review his articles, to return if we are satisfied that he has taken the necessary steps to avoid this in the future.”

Shafer also got a statement from Posner himself:

I now realize that a method of compiling information that I have used successfully since 1984 on book research, obviously does not work in a failsafe manner at the warp speed of the net.

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As of this posting his page at The Daily Beast is mum.