Cheryl Brown on Allrecipes Magazine’s Nontraditional Model


As the new editor-in-chief of Allrecipes magazine, Cheryl Brown is tasked with a bit of reverse engineering — she is building a print platform where only a digital one (in the form of existed. And if anyone’s cut out for the job, it’s her.

Before her current venture, Brown worked at Gourmet for 10 years before transitioning to digital at AOL and then arriving at Meredith in 2011 to oversee In the latest installment of Mediabistro’s So What Do You Do, Brown shares what she learned at Gourmet, her mission for Allrecipes and advice for journos trying to break into food media:

Don’t be afraid to try something that isn’t part of your intended ‘career plan,’ and don’t avoid jobs or tasks you think are at a level below where you currently are. Some of my most important learning moments came from trying things that had nothing to do with my day-to-day job. For instance, when I switched from print to digital, my world was rocked in a lot of ways. I remember learning to program a website. I sat down and I had no idea how to make it go live, how that even worked. But [now] I have a completely new skill set and career path because I took that chance with digital.

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