Checking in on the Venice Architecture Biennale


The 11th annual Venice Architecture Biennale kicked off in high gear this weekend with it’s latest theme, “Out There: Architecture Beyond Building,” and we thought we’d use a few seconds to get you up to speed. First, there’s the overall rundown from the AP, offering up all the essential details on who is there and what they’re doing. Bloomberg catches up with Zaha Hadid doing what she does best: getting publicity and showing people objects she made in her spaceship. If you’re the sort of person who is into looking at photographs, instead of bothering with all those troublesome words, we recommend that you stay glued to Building Design, who launched their terrific, now-ongoing coverage with a whole slew of images, with mini-descriptions to help you figure out just what it is that you’re looking at. Ditto for The Architect’s Journal, who also have up some great photos from different angles (because you can’t ever have enough photos of people looking at Frank Gehry‘s more experimental work with expressions of “Huh, um…”). Oh, and hey, to revisit the past, make sure to go back and check out our early preview of the Biennale.