And the Average Tech Intern at Twitter Earns…

moneyAs the hot topic of unpaid internships made their way to various lawsuits, there’s probably one group of interns that’s not complaining. As in the paid ones. Check that — the highly compensated ones!

According to a Business Insider piece, a Twitter intern earns the equivalent of…drumroll please…$81,000 per year! Data comes from Glassdoor’s various surveys to tech workers. 

Their program isn’t even the most lucrative in terms of intern compensation. Palantir pays the equivalent of $84,000 per year but let’s remember internships don’t last that long — most last for the duration of a summer.

We should also remind ourselves that yes although Twitter is a social media company, tech wages are different from media earnings.

Per the Glassdoor data, Palantir technically offers their interns $7,012 per month compared to VMWare at $6,966, then Twitter at $6,791, then LinkedIn at $6,230 and finally Facebook at $6,213. Numbers aren’t too shabby — per the piece, the average monthly income for U.S. household incomes in 2012 was $4,280.