Celebrityin’ isn’t easy

bloom.jpgAt least not according to Sunday’s NYT it isn’t. The Business section (via an AP wire story) takes an in-depth look at the finances of ‘Sopranos’ star Lorraine Bracco (much more invasive than snapping a few photos of someone after ramming an SUV into them, if you ask me), and in Arts & Leisure, we learn that Orlando Broom is a frustrated would-be super-star who may never make $20 million a movie.

So next time you have one of those mundane LA celebrity sightings– David Hyde Pierce, say, picking through the produce at Whole Foods, or Gretchen Mol buying a water-bed– just remember they’re under the same pressures the rest of us are, albeit with a few more zeros attached. Then take their picture with your cell phone and send us the jpg.