Celebrity legal action roundup

kro.jpgWe know we aren’t first-up with the celebrity news here in Fishbowl-land, and frankly that’s on purpose. We don’t like celebrities, and we think you should pay less attention to them. On the other hand, our traffic spikes every time we mention Britney Spears or Ashton Kutcher or, sadly, even Justin Timberlake. So we’re conflicted, constantly, about how much celebrity news to tell you about. Anyway, here’s what’s going on on the celebrity-media axis:

– Kid Rock has managed to get a restraining order to prevent internet broadcasting of his sex tape. Dude, I thought that guy loved freedom of speech!

– Tom Cruise is considering suing the magazine Life + Style over its report that he and Katie Holmes have split up. We will give five dollars to anyone who emails us a fresh joke about Tom and Katie, because, seriously, we’ve run out of them.