Celebrity Deathmatch: Pazz & Jop vs. Jackin’ Pop


And so finally it arrvies. The annual Pazz & Jop poll is here.

But let’s face it, most of us are interested in the controversy surrounding the “maybe-it-was-maybe-it-wasn’t” draft of the opening essay that viciously attacked Idolator’s Jackin’ Pop poll.

For his part, in the real essay, VV music editor Rob Harvilla tried to end the feud with kind words about Robert Christgau:

I thank him now, for everything, and wish him well with the knowledge that he doesn’t need the help. And with that, it’s time to let him go. Let his looming shadow lift so he can get back to work, and so can we. I suspect he prefers it that way.

But he also took a parting shot:

We have a rival poll now, courtesy of the Gawker entity Idolator, with a name (Jackin’ Pop) very similar to ours but with stronger echoes of masturbation — which is a fine way to sum up this whole feud, really.

On a related note, Dylan’s Modern Times edged out TV on the Radio’s ode to Super Mario World, Return to Cookie Mountain.

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