Celebrity con-man sentenced, makes odd literary reference

John Rutter was sentenced yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court to forty-four months in prison for forgery, perjury and attempted grand theft in connection to his attempts to squeeze money out of Cameron Diaz by threatening to release topless photos he snapped of her in the early nineties. According to E!, he got all literary at his sentencing hearing:

Rutter even invoked literary references in an effort to explain his plight, saying that he felt like he was living in a modern-day version of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl.

“My pearl, my life, my loved ones have been turned upside down,” Rutter said.

Of course, in Steinbeck’s parable, the pearl is found by Kino, a simple, virtuous fisherman who only wants to provide for his wife. Kino doesn’t forge the pearl’s signature and try to blackmail it. But I guess no analogy is perfect.