Glamour Magazine Writers React to SNL Characterization

Cicely Strong sexed up the reporter beat on Weekend Update.

The folks who cover technology for Glamour magazine bear no professional resemblance to Jill Davenport, the flirty journalist introduced by Cecily Strong on this past Saturday’s Weekend Update. Still, when a major pop culture forum like SNL takes the name of your publication in vain, it can be irritating.

Digital editor at large Danico Lo, whose recent Glamour item “Holiday Gift Ideas for People Who Love Tech and Gadgets” overlaps with Davenport’s fictitious beat, was decidedly unimpressed by the repeated come-ons thrown at Colin Jost by Davenport. She tweeted “this is what SNL thinks of Glamour magazine.”

Contributing editor Megan Angelo took a playful approach on Instagram, framing her comments as if Davenport is a real-life Glamour reporter. She wrote that Davenport “went a little off script” and that the two of them would need to talk “first thing Monday morning.”

Funnily enough, there was really no need for Strong’s character to be attached to an existing media outlet. Given the way the bit went, a made-up magazine name would have worked just as well.

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