Cathy Horyn on September Vogue

New York Times fashion scribe Cathy Horyn’s Runway blog reviewing the record-breaking September issue of Vogue drew 109 passionate comments (and counting). Among the subjects covered in the post are luxury, the profusion of ads, the general disappointment regarding the cover girl (Sienna Miller, photographed by Mario Testino), Anna Wintour, and — among other things — the evolution of the magazine industry. From WWD’s Memopad:

”The New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn’s mid-August review on her blog of the September Vogue was full of unenthused praise (‘great,’ ‘informative and fun’) followed by a criticism that the issue lacked ‘the offbeat and young….The looks shown in the issue convey a sense of authority and judgment, but the labels have a duty roster feel.’

”But that was nothing compared to the thousands of words of heated comments by readers that followed, many excoriating the magazine for being stale, out of touch, racist and elitist.”

According to the general tenor of the comments, Anna Wintour — whose taste is generally unassailable — profoundly misjudged the appeal of Sienna Miller to Vogue readers.