Cate Blanchett Feeds the Crossing Guard

A spectacular cover photo and a spectacularly adult sense of self.

VarietyCannesCoverIn this week’s Variety cover story, Cate Blanchett tells New York film editor Ramin Setoodeh that she will never join Twitter (for fear of becoming addicted) and does not bother to Google herself. Instead, she relies on the antithesis of Silicon Valley to monitor if-and-when she’s making media waves:

Blanchett finds out she’s made headlines when she walks her kids to school and the crossing guard tells her, “What they said about you – that was terrible!” Blanchett realizes we live in a society of snoops. “We need to get into people’s private lives now,” she says. “If they are hiding something, they are dishonest.”

The good news in this case is that: a) Blanchett is hiding nothing, and b) What they are saying about her today on the Internet will have that crossing guard using the adjective “wonderful.” To wit, She Knows is applauding; Cosmopolitan – under the sub-headline Oh, hell yes. – posits that it is “becoming a better world every day;” and Indiewire rhapsodizes “as if we couldn’t lover her more.”

The reason for all the excitement is that in the Variety interview, Blanchett, when asked about her character in the upcoming May 17 Cannes drama Carol (the titular Carol Aird, a 1950s-era NYC woman who embarks on a torrid affair with a female department store clerk), casually revealed that she has had many past intimate relationships with women in real life. And that it’s no big deal.

Update (May 17):
During her Cannes press conference, Blanchett refuted the explosive Variety cover story revelation:

“From memory, the conversation [with the reporter] ran, ‘Have you had relationships with women?’ And I said, ‘Yes, many times. If you mean I’ve had sexual relationships with them, the answer is ‘No’ – but that obviously didn’t make it to print,” the Australian actress and mother of four children said.

Reporter Setoodeh, via Twitter, is standing by his story, insisting the actress never uttered the additional remark during their interview.

Cover photo by: Steven Chee, a fellow Aussie who has also framed Blanchett for the covers of Harper’s BAZAAR and Vogue Australia.