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Digital stories dominate this week’s most popular list

Digital stories dominate this week’s most popular list. Here’s a recap:

Captcha Ads: Awesome for Brands, Awkward for Users? leads the pack with 215 tweets, more than 100 Facebook “likes” and 155 shares on the Web. The story—about how a New York startup has found a way to earn money on captcha boxes—also started a conversation among readers, who left plenty of comments on

Question: What do you get when a cute and bubbly actress/singer launches a site? Answer: A really popular story. Zooey Deschanel's New Lady Site Is Called 'Hello Giggles' was mentioned in nearly 170 tweets and was just as equally “liked” on Facebook.

Transitioning to the growing—and very lucrative—world of virtual currency, Not So Funny Money is no. 3 on the list this week. The sale of virtual goods could rake in more than $2.2 billion this year and around $12.5 billion worldwide, points out Jotham Sederstrom in his feature, which was shared online approximately 200 times.

Burger King has kept marketers in suspense ever since launching its search for a new creative shop in March. The wait ended on June 1 when Mcgarrybowen announced that it won the fast feeder’s account. The story, by Adweek’s Andrew McMains, spread quickly across social nets, and especially on Twitter.

Silver Bug Goes Viral With Marketing War not only made the top 5 this week, but it’s also the story with the most comments on the list. It examines how Max Keiser became a fringe media star thanks to the Web. “Buy Silver” is the message here and readers had a lot to say about it.

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