CAS: Much Needed Voltage


The big thing GM was trying to push, and rightly so, since it seems their one of their biggest outlet in order to say “see? we can adapt and create,” was the much discussed Chevy Volt, the completely electric concept car that they hope to have rolled out by 2009 or 2010. It seems like everyone we talked to from the company was trying to mention the car in nearly every conversation we had. Even if our questions didn’t even directly relate to electric cars, it was steered that way. We’d ask, “Tell us about the direction you’re taking in revamping interior design,” and they’d respond, “Well, if you saw the Volt…” There’s been a lot written about the car, and what it might do to help GM’s image, and recapture some of their “green” street cred, especially after the attention the end of the EV1 has received lately. So if you’re interested in that, start looking around. In the interim, we thought we’d pass along some photos and pieces from our notes.

Bob Boniface, the design manager for the car said that they, like the rest of the industry, finally woke up and realized that an electric car didn’t have to look like an “electric car.” Said that former models had been ugly and simply “functional.” With this, they wanted to do something “not very apologetic” for being green. In addition, he commented on the see-through look of the car, stating that all of the glass had been created by GE Plastics, who were able to bend the glass in such odd ways.



Ryan, whose last name we didn’t quite catch, one of the head designers in the car’s interior, said they wanted to maintain a look that reflected the “green” nature of the car. “Bright, open, and airy.” He also stated, like we’d heard time and time again all over the GM camp, “We’re trying to catch up to the industry with interiors. We needed a lot more focus with them.”




And, of course, the thing does plug in…