Carr Criticizes New Lineup

Count The New York Times’ David Carr among those who don’t approve of CBS’s revamped The Early Show. As we’ve explained, starting Monday, January 3rd, The Early Show will feature Chris Wragge and Erica Hill, who previously hosted the show on Saturdays. In a column today, Carr blasts the changes, explaining that morning TV viewing is habitual, and bringing on “the farm team” to give The Early Show a boost is a mistake. Never let it be said that Carr is only a whiner: He does offer up a few suggestions to help The Early Show, such as targeting a different audience:

Make a show for people who have not reproduced. Instead of trailing NBC running after the American housewife on the verge of her impossibly busy day, why not try a show for young people, with young people in charge, young people serving as talent, one that has preoccupations that go beyond family.

Not a bad idea, but don’t “young people” get most of their news from the Internet? If The Early Show completely changes its format to fit someone who isn’t even watching, what good would that do?

Carr has a point that broadcast morning shows are pretty much set in stone, and that will likely be the case going forward. But if things aren’t going well, there have to be changes made, which is what CBS did by bringing in Wragge and Hill. The best move? Probably not. But it’s better for The Early Show to go down fighting than to go down standing still.