Carney to Leave Dealbreaker for New Silicon Alley Insider Financial Site

n617462237_981692_3047.jpgFBNY has just been informed that John Carney (known around these parts as our numbers man) will be departing Dealbreaker at the end of the week to launch a new financial news site with the folks that produce Silicon Alley Insider. Carney had this to say via email:

I’m leaving DealBreaker at the end of this week. It’s been a great two-and-a-half year run. I’ve decided to join the team led by Henry Blodget that produces Silicon Alley Insider. I’ll be editing and writing their new financial news site, which is now called ClusterStock (although that may be changing). It will carry on in the tradition of DealBreaker, with a blend of humor, gossip, commentary and breaking news. It’s a new era on Wall Street and I’m headed to a new site to cover it.

Carney is currently editor-in-chief of Dealbreaker and has been with the site since its launch in April 2006. His departure can only been seen as a loss to Breaking Media (previously Dead Horse Media), which owns Dealbreaker along with Above the Law, and Fashionista — in the last week under Carney Dealbreaker has enjoyed its largest numbers ever, due in part to the fact Carney has scooped the MSM on a number of big stories all tied in to the recent Wall St. collapse.