Carlos Allen, Actually


Memo to Carlos “A.K.A. Third Party Crasher” Allen: Get a new word. Please.

GMA’s Robin Roberts held Allen’s feet to the fire this morning in an interview. She asked, “Did you receive an invitation?”

This is when Allen began his actual tirade of “actual” and “actually” that became seriously, actually, annoying.

“I was invited. I got a national invite in the mail.
I have the actual invite. The actual invite that I received, Secret Service took it from me.”

Roberts said sharply, “I have to say, Carlos, it doesn’t have your name on it.”

Carlos continued, actually.

“That’s the only thing that I received in the actual mail so that’s what I used as the actual information that I took to the actual White House to get to be an invitee at the actual White House.

“I received a national invite in the mail and went to the White House to actually be a guest at the actual state dinner. I used that invitation to get in. …They actually checked me. They checked me at the actual Willard Hotel.

“Initially when I got to the hotel across from the actual Willard hotel [and then] I went over the actual Willard Hotel… it was cold, it was raining. I had a cold. So I walked over to the W Hotel to get out of the actual cold.”

Roberts (more sharply): How did you end up on a bus with the Indian delegation?

Actually, there’s more.

Allen: “I wanted to actually make sure everyone understands how I got there. I went to the W Hotel to actually see if I saw anyone I knew because I hang out at the W Hotel. So I decided to leave there and go to the actual Willard Hotel.

“I started seeing a lot of people in the hallway. Everyone was looking good. I was looking good because I was going to the State Dinner. I went to the actual bathroom and once I went to the bathroom I came out of the bathroom and there was a bunch of folks in the hallway. At that point I got in line with everybody else. I went up to actual Secret Service individual. He basically wanded me, checked me to make sure that I had nothing wrong that was going to actually affect anyone … and I got in the actual van.

“When the Salahi stuff all broke out, at that time again, I thought I was an actual guest at the White House.

Allen said he posted it on his website, on his “actual” website. “I got an email from someone saying, ‘You’re not a guest, you’re in trouble.’

“I didn’t know what was going on, so I took everything down.

“I did not want to embarrass my president. I did not want to embarrass my administration.. I did not want to embarrass my country if there was some issue the actual Secret Service made a mistake with.”

More actual questions. More actual use of the word, actually.

Actually… lets retrace when I actually got the White House.

“I walked into the Secret Service office without an actual attorney. … They told me I was lying and that I didn’t go to the actual White House. …As far as I know, I had an actual invite.”

Final stunning tally of actually’s or any variant: 28