Her First Job Out of Journalism School: Trump Magazine

Carey Purcell recalls all kinds of craziness.

TrumpMagIn the fall of 2006, Carey Purcell replied to an ad on Craigslist and soon found herself working as the receptionist for Trump magazine. The publication was originally launched in 2002 and existed briefly as Trump World, before starting up again under that name in 2004 and being eventually re-branded in 2006 as Trump magazine.

This was not a Trump enterprise. Rather, publisher Michael Jacobson and his company Premiere Publishing Group paid Trump a per-issue licensing fee. Purcell, as part of her duties in a 16th floor office at 386 Park Avenue South, was treated at one point to a glimpse of the tumultuous GOP future. From her rollicking Politico magazine piece:

We received handwritten letters asking for money, a formal request for Donald’s daughter Ivanka to escort a woman’s son to his Junior Ring Dance at the Air Force Academy and incoherent six-page rants about the state of the economy and how Trump was the only man who could fix it. One letter stated, “I sincerely hope you will run for president some day.”

Purcell paints a colorful, chaotic picture. One that was dramatically overshadowed in 2007 by her cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments. Read the rest of her story here.