Caption This

Today ABC brings us a photograph that conjures flashbacks of the Michele Bachmann‘s bug-eyed Newsweek cover. And we’re dying to see what you, dear readers, come up with for captions. The picture accompanies an ABC story on the camaraderie of the political “wives club.” Read the story here. Please send all captions to, to or to @FishbowlDC.

From L to R: Mary Kaye Huntsman, Anita Perry and Callista Gingrich.

Photo credit: ABC News via Callista Gingrich

1. Callista: “I adore these ladies, but I’ve seen better hairdos in doggy daycare.”

2. Meet the new Stepford wives

3. “Does anyone have a spraycan of starch handy? My hair could use some.”

4. “I wish Anita would stop pinching my ass.”

5. Casting call for Bravo’s Real Batshit-Crazy-Dead-Behind-the-Eyes Wives of DC

6. The last thing Herman Cain saw before his eyes were brutally pecked out of his head.

7. E’s latest show “The Girls Next Door” (If you live next to a mental institution)

8. These women did not file sexual harassment charges against Herb Cain.

9. Mary Kaye Huntsman, Callista Gingrich and … uhh … oops