After Long Wait, Captain America Fans Watch as Tickets Are Torn Up

ChrisEvansCaptainAmericaBleeding Cool editor-in-chief Hannah Means-Shannon attended a special sneak preview of Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night at the AMC Loews Lincoln Center. She was accompanied by her senior cosplay correspondent Ian Mageto.

Before the lights went down, Means-Shannon witnessed some behavior that Marvel Entertainment and Disney will no doubt soon be apologizing for. It involved people who had in some cases traveled far and queued three hours ahead of the 7:30 p.m. scheduled start time:

They had joined the end of the massive line, trundling up with their precious tickets (though they were free, they were difficult to get and extremely limited), and been asked by the attendants to show their tickets in order to take their place. When they did so, the attendants then asked to take their tickets, so they dutifully handed them over.

And then, without prior explanation, the attendants proceeded to tear up their tickets before their very eyes and inform them that they would not be viewing Captain America that evening. While they stood in stunned silence, they were handed other tickets and told to come back in a week’s time.

Means-Shannon later had to deal with some bag search/metal detector indignity involving her laptop. All in all, it sounds like a very poorly staged screening event.