Capitol Hill Revolving Door

From Roll Call Editorial Assistant Dan Heim:

    Thanks to everyone here at Roll Call Group for a fantastic 18 months. I have learned a ton and I know the experience and skills and relationships I have gained will be an asset down the road — and, I hope, to the Obama campaign over the next three-plus months. Thanks to the copy desk in all the various formulations I encountered it for being such a fun and laid-back crew to work with; to the reporters and editors who, in addition to helping me develop in Around the Hill, allowed me to get outside of it on occasion and write some politics and news stories toward the “front of the book”; and to everyone at GW, CN, Rothenberg and the business side who were great to encounter at softball, Congressional baseball games, lunches, etc.

From The Hill’s Jessica Holzer:

    Today is my last day at The Hill and I just wanted to pass on my new contact information.

    On Monday, I start a new job as a financial regulation reporter at Dow Jones. I will be covering many of the same financial industry issues I do now, though with a sharper focus on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the federal response to the housing mess.