Capitol Hill Ad Count

Our occasional look at full page ads in Capitol Hill’s various publications.


Editor’s note: To the feisty tipsters from a.) Roll Call who say we’re biased in these posts towards the Hill because we don’t include Roll Call’s Monday issue or b.) The Hill who say we’re biased towards Roll Call because we don’t include The Hill’s Friday issue, allow us to explain: The reason we sometimes count the number of ads for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is that those are the only three days when all three Capitol Hill publications publish. So when a Roll Call’r says “Why didn’t you publish our ad count on Monday? We crushed the competition!” Yeah, you did: Because there wasn’t any competition. And ditto for The Hill and its Friday issue. This feature is much more interesting (and insightful) when the publications go head to head.

We’ll continue to switch it up and we never know which day(s) we’ll use for this feature. But we thought we’d explain anyway. If you actually want to discuss it, muster up the strength (I know you can do it guy! You’re a winner!) to come out from anonymity and email us. We’d be happy to chat.

Now go ahead and yell at us anyway.