Capitol Hill Ad Count

Oh, and a note to the paranoid, “they’re all out to get me!!!” tipster from The Hill (clearly) who recently sent an anonymous tip saying that we showed our “newspaper bias” towards Roll Call (apparently) because we didn’t do a “Capitol Hill Ad Count” feature one day recently when The Hill beat everybody else: We’ll explain it all again for you slow people.

We pick a completely random day. You don’t have to believe us, but luckily, we’re not too worried about Nabobs of Negativity like you who will always be suspicious of one thing or another. Second, we will never run this feature on a day when any of the three pubs run “Special Editions” (i.e. “The Hill’s Energy Issue!”) because that’s an unfair comparison: The Special Editions are basically one big ad insert and swell the page counts (The Hill had a Special Edition on the day you whined about).

Besides, didn’t they unearth all this new JFK assassination material recently? Shouldn’t you be busy hunkered down in Dallas trying to sort through that one?

Now, congrats on your fair-and-square win today: