Capitalizing on England’s Love Affair With Tires


We like the design firm, Fitch, for a while now. Their work is simple, clean, and even though most of their stuff is for retail environments, meaning they build a lot of structures and signage, it’s rarely overwhelming or overly contrived. Having just worked on a project that had to do with building pieces of a big budget trade show event, there’s an extra appreciation for what goes into these types of things. That’s why we were happy to see that the firm just received first place in the VM+SD for exhibitions (for those of you unfamiliar with that gigantic acronym, it’s Visual Merchandising and Store Design magazine). They won for their Dunlop tire exhibit in the UK, which helped roll out the tire company’s newly redesigned brand. Here’s a bit on that new logo and how Fitch incorporated it:

The exhibit was originally created out of the need for a new look and feel in the UK in order to shift brand perceptions to ignite the style and lifestyle elements of the brand. The design emphasis was on high performance imagery and analogies with other ground breaking materials and design icons. A four meter high replica of the famous Dunlop bridge icon from Le Mans provided a powerful focal point and linked to the brand’s sporting heritage.