Capital New York Launching $6,000 Paywall

Do you read Capital New York? If not, you should! It’s a good site, with plenty of talented writers cranking out quality content. Actually, you should probably get your fill now, because beginning next month Capital is installing a paywall, and subscriptions for up to five users will run about $6,000 per year. You have to at least admire the state of consciousness Capital’s execs are occupying to think that people will pay that price.

Adweek reports that a subscription to Capital gets readers the site’s newsletters, full access to its three verticals (City Hall, Albany and media) as well as “customized alerts,” which we imagine will be monthly texts reminding you of the money you’re flushing down the toilet.

Look, like we said, Capital is a good site. But we find it hard to believe that enough people think it’s $6,000 good. There’s just too much competition to charge that much. Readers will simply go somewhere else for content.

If the paywall does end up working, then hell, congrats to the leadership folks at Capital. And if anyone knows them, please send word that we’re very interested in whatever they’ve been smoking.

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