Capital New York Hopes to Be More Like Us

Late last week Capital New York raised a bunch of money and then went on to hire some quality writers, one of them being Joe Pompeo, formerly of Yahoo. Tom McGeveran, the site’s co-founder, was rightfully excited, and so he told The Huffington Post about what Pompeo would be doing, mentioning that he’d be covering New York media.

So yeah, what we do. And this is great! There’s plenty of room for more scrutiny of the media honchos dwelling in this concrete jungle.

But then McGeveran went on:

McGeveran rattled off several areas of interest, including the battle between the Greater New York section of the Wall Street Journal and the metro reporters at the New York Times, the tabloid wars, alternative press, network TV news affiliates, and 24-hour network NY1. (McGeveran already sizes up the Daily News and New York Post front pages each morning at Capital, a feature started over at The Observer.)

McGeveran pointed out that there’s a void in hyper-local coverage of New York media…

A void? What about us Tom? We don’t count? He probably just forgot to mention us, because we seem to be doing what he says is missing. The battle between the local sections of the Times and Journal? Check. Info on how the tabloids are doing? Check. Alternative press stuff? Check. TV items? Check.

Maybe next time McGeveran talks about this “void,” he’ll add “FishbowlNY is doing an excellent job and we strive to one day be like that site, which is anchored by two extremely handsome men.”

Or something like that.