Guardian Critic Confronts Some Early Cannes FOMO

Death-camp drama or Harvey Weinstein?

EWHatefulEightCoverPeter Bradshaw is off to the Croisette races once again with a colorful Day Two dispatch. The article begins:

In one of those surreal option crises that are always opening up for festivalgoers at Cannes – where FOMO anxiety always rules – journalists were last night [Thursday] forced to choose between going to the hugely admired and utterly grueling Hungarian death-camp drama Son of Saul, or going to the annual Harvey Weinstein party at the Majestic hotel on the Croisette, attended by Jake Gyllenhaal, Alicia Vikander and Sienna Miller.

Bradshaw opted for the latter and as a result, got to see the trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. He and other journalists are comparing the structure and feel to that of Reservoir Dogs.

At last night’s shindig, the Guardian journalist also learned that this was not the true “Harvey Weinstein party.” That event will take place on some far-distant yacht, with Bradshaw and fellow members of the press decidedly not invited. Think FUBAR instead of FOMO.
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