Cameron Sinclair Snags a Spot on Sundance’s Iconoclasts


We’ve never caught an episode of the Sundance Channel series Iconoclasts. Through our celebrity-exhausted lens, the show sent up red flags for us, as it pairs two celebrities or otherwise notable people from vastly different fields to talk about things together. Usually “famous people” (see: actors) talking to anyone in an ernest way, particularly if the point seems to imply that someone in the profession of acting is somehow equal to “journalist” or “diplomat” or “activist” instantly elicits a powerful desire to quickly turn away. Though in browsing through the archives, we realize that maybe we’ve not judged the program fairly enough (save for examples like Madeleine Albright paired with Ashley Judd). And after watching a few clips of this latest episode featuring Architecture for HumanitiesCameron Sinclair teamed with Cameron Diaz, we’ve been nearly won over by at least the producer’s efforts. Sure, it’s shot in a fairly cloying manner and we’re not sure exactly why Diaz is there, but still, we’re happy to see all around good guy Sinclair getting some big name air time, and that’s worth something.