Hot 97’s Mister Cee Comes Clean in GQ Interview

MisterCEEGQPhotoFascinating piece from GQ staff writer Zach Baron in the February issue. It starts with a guided drive-through tour of the Brooklyn neighborhood that bore Calvin Lebrun, a.k.a Mister Cee, and progresses to Lebrun candidly explaining the motivations and minutiae of a sordid sex scandal.

The Daily News , a newspaper that was instrumental in bringing said scandal to the fore, got the embargoed advance look; full GQ article is here. The interview is a great primer for those who know little about Lebrun, Hot 97 and-or the lead-up to his messy, protracted downfall:

On the Kane tours, he says, he was “f*cking everything in sight.” The whole time he had a steady girlfriend, too. Once, he says, coming off tour, he gave her gonorrhea. “It was the most horrible thing I ever did to a woman in my life,” Cee says. She called him last year, after Cee had a run-in with the guy she was dating, just to tell him off again. “I mean, cursed me out, just called me all types of fagg*ts and homos.”

The Christopher Street encounters that got him into trouble started, Lebrun says, around 2005-2006. What’s most intriguing about the article is that, in the shadow of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods and Eliot Spitzer, Lebrun details the web of lies he continued to try and spin after being initially exposed. It was only when a blogger known as Bimbo Winehouse engineered an undercover video sting that the full extent of Mister Cee’s behavior became undeniable. No doubt soon thereafter, Lebrun and-or his handlers decided GQ would be a good way to go.

The article won’t necessarily make you like Lebrun any more than you already do, or don’t. But it does a great job of detailing the pinball sorcery of one man’s celebrity-fueled sexual desires.

[Photo credit: Holger Pooten]

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