Call For Entries: Redesign UnBeige’s Banner (For Real)

Longtime UnBeige readers might remember back, way back, when we asked for your help in redesigning that banner up there that lets you know you’re in the right place for breaking design news with just a hint of sardonic humor. We received many excellent entries, so many entries, in fact, that choosing just one winner didn’t seem right, so we amended the contest to be a constantly rotating gallery of banners.

Then we took a very long nap.

We’re happy to re-announce the call for entries, with a few new rules and guidelines (see below). Keep in mind that we still have those original submissions, and we’ll start with putting those up first. Fire up the Photoshop and send us your best work.


1. Banners submitted must be a 770 x 94 pixel jpg or gif. Not animated, no Flash, only jpg or gif will be accepted. File size must be less than 20k.
2. Email your file as an attachment to unbeige AT mediabistro DOT com with Banner Submission in the subject line.
3. In the body of that email, include your name (or firm name) and the link you’d like us to use to credit you.
4. You can add a tagline or other copy but banners cannot promote a design firm, designer, or any other organization.
5. We encourage banners that creatively include the name or logo and/or illustrate or interpret the Tibor quote that inspired UnBeige:

“You make something white or beige because you are afraid to use any other color–because you don’t want to offend anybody. But by definition, when you make something no one hates, no one loves it. So I am interested in imperfections, quirkiness, insanity, unpredictability. That’s what we really pay attention to anyway.” -Tibor Kalman 1996

6. UnBeige is spelled UnBeige, capital U, capital B.
7. Please include the Trademark TM symbol after our name. We’re a totally legit brand now.
8. You can submit as many as you want.

How it will work

1. This is not a contest; it’s a constantly rotating online gallery to showcase your work.
2. We will decide which banners go up and in what order.
3. We’ll try to keep each banner up there for the same amount of time.
4. Directly below the banner will be the designer/design firm name as well as whatever link you want us to include (that’s why #2 in submissions is way important).
5. Do not email us to see when your banner is going up, unless it’s been two months and you haven’t heard why. We’ll try to send a “thanks for your submission” email for each one you send so you know we got it.