Californian Sets Off Worldwide Pizza Trend

The clip above is from the nonprofit Mid-Western news org TheUpTake. Apparently someone in California decided they wanted to buy some pro-union Cheeseheads in Madison, WI pizza. So the Californian found Ian’s Pizza near the capital, bought some pizzas and told his friends. Then they told some people. Then it was on Twitter. Soon Egypt – yes Egypt – was calling to donate Ian’s very Wisconsin Mac and Cheese Pizza to the teachers, cops and firefighters protesting the new governor’s attempt to kill their unions.

We got reports yesterday that Ian’s phone was quite literally off the hook. People were not able to get through. Then Twitter feeds just to (ahem) feed demonstrators were launched.

TheUpTake’s coverage of the Madison protests has been amazing. They have an army of people with iPhone cameras producing a real feel of whats going on at the scene. Watch the live feed here.