California Legislators Can’t Pass Budget Because Rumored Robot From the Future Governor is Actually a Lame Duck

The budget won’t pass and there is a crisis in Sacramento.

“Again?” You ask. Yes. We say to you.

Every YEAR the knuckleheads in Sacramento have to pass a budget. It’s basically what they are PAID to do – it’s their job. Like if they were working at Starbucks – their JOB would be making coffee drinks.

So the lawmakers – budget voters – seem to put a real effort toward inefficiency in a governing body that’s already flat-footed by definition because they must get a super majority to pass budgets or increase taxes etc. So that’s why every YEAR they have a stalemate. That’s why every YEAR there is a story about these elected officials spinning their wheels in the California Capitol.

Yes, California not having a budget has become the ‘LA is having a winter’ story. Yes, we know that winter will come – it’s inevitable – but it always catches Californians off guard. Then once its Spring – we forget about the mudslides – do nothing to fix it and end up getting surprised again the following year.

So now the budget-balancing plan that the state has to pass so that people that work in said state can be paid is being held up by ONE vote. One Republican won’t budge on the budget balance. One Republican budget passer, with a Republican ‘Governator’ won’t just end this.

Our state is grinding to a halt, 10,000 people or 20,000 are supposed to be laid off by the state, tax return checks won’t go out, public works will be stalled – all for ONE Republican that doesn’t want to vote with his Republican governor.

And the lawmakers that are holding out? They’re getting the royal treatment:

But late in the evening, Cox was unbending even after a 20-minute meeting with the governor. Schwarzenegger is “a nice guy,” Cox said, “but I don’t need any more information. I’m not voting for this budget.”

GOP state senator, Dave Cox. So unless California changes its two-thirds majority rule – we’re all going to be Cox-suckers.

Cox-suck ups? There is SO a bumper sticker in there.