Calderone Fever

Soon to be ex-Politico Michael Calderone is getting much press attention these days. (Not that he didn’t get attention before, but maybe one should leave one’s publication more often?)

Today the NYT covers the new adventure for Calderone and others moving to Yahoo News with this story.

Reporters are writing FishbowlDC at a fevered pitch asking why he’s leaving and who’s replacing him (whoever wrote me on this, you’re not the only one).

While these burning questions remain part of this modern day mystery, here’s more on Calderone. In a recent tweet by Matt Yglesias (a senior editor for the Center of American Progress), he poses a rather deep question. And by deep, we mean, this will blow your mind, deep.

“If @mlcalderone changes jobs and thus isn’t available to report on his own job-change, has it really happened?”

Yglesias is referring to Monday’s news that Calderone is leaving the publication.

Calderone reported his departure by posting a HuffPost item at 5:27 p.m. Monday with the headline: And media news of a personal nature; memo. (More info soon!) Huffpost, however, initially broke the news.

Wonkette featured the scribe in a story Tuesday in which it joked that the “pleasant” Calderone works for Read it here.

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