LA Weekly Praises Echo Park Patch

Score one for former L.A. Times, Downtown News and City Search staffer Lea Lion. The Patch Echo Park local editor‘s Christmas day coverage coordination of a horrific shooting in her new media-beat neighborhood gets a nice nod of recognition today from perennial Patch critic LA Weekly.

But that’s the nature of the Patch beast. As the AOL-seed funded company continues its unbridled expansion and hiring of seasoned journalists, the hits are going to start catching up with the misses. Here’s how today’s LA Weekly blog item begins:

Here’s one thing AOL Patch could be great for, and certainly was in Echo Park this Christmas: documenting the countless gang-related murders that fly under the radar of mainstream media while the homicides of white-collar (and just plain white) victims like celebrity publicist Ronni Chasen get all the airtime. We’re often guilty of the same.

The victim, 18-year-old Bell Gardens resident Caesar Guerrero, was shot in broad daylight around noon near the intersection of Innes Avenue and Baxter Street. One of the innate advantages of is that their local editors are expected to cover breaking news 24-7. In this case, Lion did so honorably, with a strong assist from assistant regional editor Redmond Carolipio, who shared new details about the crime late this morning.

As LA Weekly puts it at the very end of their write-up: “Here’s to you, WalMart of news, for a job well done. And on Christmas Day, no less.”

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