Cablevision Customers Not Blacked Out from Giants Thursday Nighter

Tomorrow night, the New York Giants play their Week 3 matchup on the NFL Network. The game is also available over-the-air locally on WPIX/Channel 11. But that’s where it gets interesting.

It’s been more than a month since Cablevision dropped Channel 11 from its lineup in the latest retransmission fees dispute bubbling to the surface.

Some Mets games have been lost to Cablevision viewers since the fight started. But with the defending Super Bowl champs, this rises to another level of filling the sports void.

Fear not, there is some good news for fans of the G-Men. The NFL Network is a premium channel on certain Cablevision packages. However, the Bethpage-based company is waiving the fee by offering a free preview, which began Sunday. Ironically, Cablevision is providing the free version of the NFL Network, you guessed it, on Channel 11.