C-SPAN’s Optimistic vs. Pessimistic Lines Elicit Woman’s Fury

On Sunday morning C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” Democratic Vs. Republican phone lines were both closed. Instead the choice was Optimistic Vs. Pessimistic phone lines to reflect callers’ moods about the upcoming State of the Union address on Wednesday.

Mary from just outside Pittsburgh? Definitely a pessimist.

“I’m pessimist because of the way C-SPAN is setting up our president to fail,” she complained to host Steve Scully, “just like Rush Limbaugh and everyone else on the right. Have you done this with Bush when he was president, optimistic or pessimistic? I’m paying over 100 a month for cable. I see the bias, the bias with the Republicans first, the bias on “Meet the Press” on Sunday that’s horrifying. Nancy Pelosi has been in office for a year and she has never been on “Meet the press”; Newt Gingrich has been on 18 times. Tell me you guys aren’t biased and I’ll start watching you.”

Scully was amazingly patient with Cranky Mary: “We have a standing invitation for both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi,” he said. “We have nothing to do with “Meet the Press.” We are not NBC.” And yes, he explained, they did use these phone lines during Bush’s presidency.

Snapped Mary: “Well cable is paying your bills.”
Scully replied, “Well, actually, you’re paying our bills.”

Scully warmly thanked Mary for her call.